Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a vehicle?

You can phone 01243 530133 or send our online form (see bookings page), or text our mobile number: 07973213180. NB online bookings are only considered firm once we receive a booking deposit and you received a confirmation email. In the event of any query, please call our landline during working hours.

What is the pickup procedure?

You give us a pickup time at the time of booking then when you arrive we complete any further details and take your licence details etc.

Do you require my driving licence?


In order to proceed with your rental agreement you are required to produce a current valid UK/EEC Driver’s Licence detailing your address and showing that you are qualified to drive the vehicle that you intend to hire. (None-EEC Licences may be acceptable subject to any restrictions imposed by our insurers). US, Australian, NZ, Canadian licences are accepted.

You will also need to obtain and present us with a valid licence code, which you can obtain from, which will  authorise us to view your licence details online. To do this, simply enter your Driving  Licence number, National Insurance numbers and your Post-Code (which should match the Post-Code on your licence) to achieve this.

I have endorsements on my licence. Can I still hire from you?

Some endorsements are acceptable subject to the terms and conditions and the limitations imposed by our insurers.

What are your hours of business?

Monday to Friday 0830 – 1700 Saturday 0830 – 1200. OUT OF HOURS by arrangement- CALL 07973 213180. NB Hours of business may vary and can be extended at peak times.

Can I leave my car while hiring your vehicle?

Onsite parking is not currently available.

Will I be required to pay a deposit pending return of the rental vehicle?

A deposit is required when you hire the vehicle. This is typically £250 but we reserve the right to vary this amount.

Will will it cost more to hire during Christmas/New Year/Easter/Bank holiday periods?

Rental charges do tend to increase during holiday periods. Please call or email to discuss your particular requirements.

Do you provide Credit-Hire in the event of a non-fault accident?

Please email us with your details, the accident circumstances,  and your vehicle requirements in order that we endeavour to assist you.

Can I take the vehicle abroad?

It may be possible to take our vehicle certain parts of continental Europe but this is subject to certain criteria and increased rental charges and a higher deposit. There is a maximum daily mileage allowance before mileage charges apply. A Green Card insurance must be issued prior to foreign travel. Any agreement to allow a vehicle to be taken abroad will be at the sole discretion of Wessex Self Drive.

Do weekend rentals attract higher rates?

Higher charges apply for certain vehicles at weekends. 1-day rentals may attract a surcharge that may not be reflected in an automated reply from our website. Please call us to check.

Do you sell your cars and vans when they are ready for disposal?


When we replace our fleet vehicles our ex-rental stock may be available to sell. Please call 01243 530133 for further information.